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Fire damage

Lebanon, NH Urgent Fire Damage Remediation Estimates

No matter how big or small, a house fire is an awful thing to experience, but parts of your stress can be alleviated by using Paul Davis to fix the effects. As forest fires become more prevalent in the Northeast, so does fire-related damage to houses. We have almost half a century of knowledge alleviating the destruction done to numerous houses across the country, no matter how they originated. Follow the “24-hour Emergency Services” button at the top of the page if you require urgent help. We provide affordable emergency fire damage repair and we try to respond in less than 30 minutes and be at your residence inside 4 hours. At the time you you employ Paul Davis, you can expect the subsequent emergency fire damage services:

  • Emergency damage cleanup estimates
  • Help with your insurance provider
  • Emergency quarantine and structural stabilization
  • Air purification, smoke odor elimination and sanitation
  • Drying out your home
  • Referral to a dependable fire damage restoration company

Why Should I Hire a Certified Fire Damage Contractor?

It’s important to have an experienced firm to repair the destruction caused by fires. There can also be hazardous pollution due to the chemical reactions that originate from fire that resonate way beyond the destruction directly started by high temperatures. The excess water resulting from killing your home’s fire can make huge amounts of damage to your property as well. Add to that harmful soot which can cover tables, floors and walls and there’s quite a mess on your plate. Putting off repairs or hiring a company without appropriate technology and certifications can lead to costly repairs down the line. Your considerate, certified repair and damage technicians from Paul Davis have the knowledge to remediate any problem made by fires. Fixing smoke destruction is also one of our areas of expertise, click here for additional info.

What Should I Assume Will Happen if I Hire Paul Davis?

A Paul Davis technician will take in the scenario, making note of each factor. It’s critically important that any damage is discovered before we make a repair roadmap. Support structures in your house could be harmed by fire or water without seeming to be damaged. Constructing on top of problems like these would bring down house values and add to expenses later on, and those expenses are less likely to be paid by insurance companies. Our comprehensive examination will be sure the remediation work takes care of all the harm quickly.

Section Off Dangerous Areas

The infrastructure of your house can have critical dangers when fire and water blend. We separate the risky areas of your property from the non-hazardous parts so you are safe.

Dry the Location by Getting Rid of Leftover Water

Any remaining water needs to be taken out as fast as is possible, which is particularly difficult in our frigid Northeastern winters. Additional problems can be created when mold and mildew develop due to leftover pools of water. We ensure that mold and rot don’t get the time to develop by fully drying the location.

Why Choose Paul Davis?

Technical experience and know-how are vital in fire damage repairs. Paul Davis is trusted across the country because we have exceptional knowledge and experience. We’re able to assess any emergency fire damage job, and can offer you an estimate on your emergency fire damage cleanup. We guarantee you will not have regrets in hiring Paul Davis.

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